Property VR 360 Immersive Tours


Property VR 360 Immersive Interactive Tours

Do you want to make your property stand out from the crowd? Looking to the future? Gain a competitive edge? Then you really need to be thinking about a 360 VR Property Tour. Just take a look at our tour on this page – take a walk around, look at the TV in the bedroom, click the TV in the lounge, look at the towels on the bed.

As technology advances at pace, so do your requirements to keep up – and when marketing your property properly can be so critical to success, you need to move with that pace.

What better way to clinch the booking than allowing your guests to ‘stay’ before they even book! Or, even better, let them walk around fully immersed with a VR headset. We recognised the benefits of this to our own property, and after a lot of research and some false starts, we decided to purchase the 360 VR equipment, enlist a Photographer and do our own. The result  – in short – is a huge uplift in bookings and a great marketing tool.

We thought this would be a brilliant service to offer to other property renters – so we decided to set-up a separate part of our business producing the interactive property tours for other Holiday Lettings owners.

So, why not book a tour shoot in your property with us now – starter tours are priced from only £99, and you can be up and running in a matter of days. Want to add more features? No problem – there are options for Embedded Video, Embedded Pictures, Embedded PDF (think menus etc) Web Links, Embedded Web Content, Drone Footage, Interactive Info Points and more.

Your tour can be hosted with us on our servers – in this instance, you simply list/send the link where you would like it. (it can be emailed, or listed in your property details) – or, you can host on your own site with a little bit of coding (we can help with this). There are options to produce a video file of the tour as well.

VR Tour for your Property


Q – Where can I book my tour?

A – Check out our dedicated website at VIRTUALLYIN.COM


Q – How long before I get it?

A – We can usually arrange to come within a couple of days, depending on complexity of your requirements, you will have your tour in a couple more days.


Q – How much do the VR Property Tours Cost?

A – From £99 – but you can spend more if you would like to gain more of an edge.


Q – How can people view the tour?

A – It can be viewed on Mobile, Tablet or PC as a normal 360 interactive tour. If you want the Full Virtual Reality experience, then a simple VR headset (such as Google Cardboard) can be used in conjunction with a smart phone. The Tour can then be viewed in fully immersive VR. We can supply headsets if you need them but many people already have them – in fact they are available in some Pound Shops.


Q- How do I get this on my web page?

A – Simple, we produce the tour and either upload it to our server, or you upload it to yours. The tour is viewed by way of a normal web link, such as this: York Tour.html

The web link can be embedded in an iframe if required, or just displayed as link. It depends what you want to do with the tour. You can email the link too.


Q – Can I display the 360 VR Tour on Airbnd, Trip Advisor, Owners Direct etc?

A – Well, yes and no. If you can display a link, then guests can click the link and view the tour. If you can upload video, then you can record a version of your tour for display as a video. It is expected though and reported that Airbnb will be the first to allow the tours to be actually embedded in the property listings. The rest are sure to follow. Even so, at the low entry cost, if it gets you one more booking it will be worth it.


Q – What if I don’t think my property looks good enough for a full ‘warts n all’ tour?

A – People like to know what to expect, and, if you have mis-sold in the first place, how ever subtle you may think it is (fisheye lens, convenient camera angle etc) then you are much less likely to get repeat business and much more likely to get bad reviews.


Q – Can I book my VR Property tour instantly?

A – We would rather have a quick chat to discuss your location, property and requirements. Don’t worry, we are in the business ourselves (as you can see) so are not going to try and hard sell a load of stuff you don’t need. And don’t be put off if you are a distance away from our office. We travel all over the UK and can provide tour for locations in the rest of the world.


Take a look at our dedicated VR Tour Website at

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0843 289 0411

Please note – Spice Properties (you see listed in the tour) is our company.